Freewheels, sprags, one way clutches, backstops, overrun clutches, whatever you call them they function in one of three ways:- to stop a shaft running in reverse, to allow a shaft to run faster, or to index a shaft.


Combidrive offers Freewheels and One Way Clutches from Steiber, GMN, Ringspann and Renold. Please contact us below with your enquiry.


Geared Motor

Geared motor - Freewheel prevents run back through wrong connection of motor.


Inclined Conveyor

Inclined conveyor - Freewheels prevents run back through power / transmission failure.


Packaging Machine

Packaging machine - Freewheel holds flap in position caused by obstruction.

Must be reset though 360 degrees by operator after obstruction is cleared.

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Standby Drive

Standby drive - Electrical power failure allows petrol engine to drive without being driven over when electric motor is normally driving.

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